Dear Guests,
Welcome to our Future Learning Space
We are experimenting the future of learning spaces for the ETH. We experiment the relationships between domesticity, productivity and leisure, in an inclusive and co-creative space.We really much hope that you will enjoy the display. If you require more guidance, our few recommendations would be…

1) Participate to a collective production of value: draw, sketch or write your ideas and opinions, and hang them on the wall.

2) Pick out a chair, a table, and feel free to use the space for your own purpose.
3) Immerse yourself in an in-between academic space, enjoyable and original.
4) Take a deck chair for a nap outside or just enjoy the view.

5) Of course, security first, keep the evacuation route free of mobile furniture.

 6) After fire, water and green: Take care of the cress, water them if they need. Soon, you’ll eat them!
7) If you are tired of too much learning, too much doing, please have a rest.